May 2017 Index

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3. March for Science: How Democracy Kills Expertise

4. ACROSS BORDERS – American dairy complaints

5. Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sale

6. Blame Canada!

6. JBS suspends Brazil beef output amid import bans

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – People in the news

8. WorkHorse launches new labour management platform for ag

8. Canada’s largest global 4-H event ever to be held in Ottawa

9. Attention researchers: SCAIDF call for proposals

9. Ontario Cow-Calf Production Survey

9. Tricky trade situation with India averted for now

10. BEES – Honey bees navigate using magnetic abdomens

11. WAS 40th anniversary conference goes home to UC-Davis in September!

12. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – BC/Yukon OYF call for nominations!

13. EVENTS – Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

13. Battle of the Axe, North Thompson Logger Sports Competition

16. Water Fight

17. FARM BUSINESS – Estimating GM pollen spread

17. Fence-line weaned calves stress less

18. Are those girls in good shape? Raise your beef IQ

18. Tips to make the most of your vaccine protocol

19. Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) launches new national website

20. RESEARCH – A better test for bovine tuberculosis

20. Better water = higher calves: Raise your beef IQ