March 2017 Index 

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3. Potato pest worries farmers in Australia

3. Vilsack to lead U.S. Dairy Export Council

4. Canadian Foodgrains Bank Regional Coordinators

4. Canadian Foodgrains Bank Fund-raising Events

5. Make a Difference Sale

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – People in the news

6. Farm injuries down

7. Poultryponics land in the north

7. Cargill set to launch beef plant expansion in Guelph

8. Genesis plans huge fertilizer supercentre west of Regina

8. Online grocery shopping to boom in 2017

8. Nominate an outstanding researcher by May 1

9. BEES – More minerals for bee health?

10. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Therriens Alberta’s Outstanding Young Farmers

11. EVENTS – Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

12. FARM BUSINESS – Economic prospects look good for 2017

13. Explaining KAP’s position on carbon pricing

14. Ventilating potatoes correctly after cool down pays off

14. Enterra receives CFIA approval to sell insect larvae to aquaculture industry

15. The solution to US energy policy is really, really simple

16. Worried about hormones in cattle?

17. Warmer, drier climate with plenty of variability

19. Cover crops

20. Outlook calls for more record years for farm economy

21. RESEARCH – Reliable ID tests for E. coli

21. It’s real meat … without the animal