July 2017 Index

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3. Canadians asked what food issues matter with launch of A Food Policy for Canada consultations

4. ACROSS BORDERS – World Food Prize Awarded

4. US Farm Bureau on NAFTA changes

5. St. James Red Shed Pork and Corn Roast

6. Rescue Junction Concert for Canadian Foodgrains Bank

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New Technology Sheds Light on BC Crops

8. BEES – Honey Bees Pick Up ‘Astonishing’ Number Of Pesticides Via Non-Crop Plants

10. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Axtens Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2017

11. Spud Smart Founder Joins Ag hall of Fame

11. The Hagan Family Receives the Blue-winged Teal Award

11. Murad Al-Katib named EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017

12. EVENTS – Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

20. FARM BUSINESS – Vodka from spuds

20. Why rising farm debt isn’t all bad

21. PEDv outbreak shows the ‘inconvenient’ truth about biosecurity