August 2017 Index

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3. KAP President Pleased with Ag Policy Framework Consultations

3. Public Trust Summit: Tackling Transparency – The Truth about Trust

4. ACROSS BORDERS – Five key NAFTA battlegrounds to watch

5. Nilsson Bros. to buy back JBS feedlot for $50 million

6. Become a Farmer that Makes a Difference – CFGB fund-raising events

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Canada Tops Country Reputation Rankings

7. Canada voted the most positive influence on global affairs

8. P.E.I.’s Mary Robinson acclaimed CAHRC Chair

8. CSTA Appoints New Executive Director

8. Canola! Seeds of Innovation opens at Canada Agriculture and Food Museum

9. Celebrating 150-plus years of potato production

11. BEES – I Visited a CSI Crime Lab … For Bees

12. Small Hive Beetle found in New Brunswick

13. Neonics, Pollen, Fungicides, Dead Bees, All At Field Realistic Levels. It’s a Mess.

14. 64th Annual Beaverlodge Beekeepers’ Field Day – June 23, 2017

16. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Excellence Awards for Ag Students

16. Study on women’s empowerment in ag wins two awards

16. Outstanding Young Farmers Nomination Deadlines & 2017 Regional Events

16. Stars of Alberta Awards Accepting Nominations

17. EVENTS – Conferences, Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

22. North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo

25. Canadian Beef Industry Conference

26. FARM BUSINESS – Heat stroke can be fatal

26. You Suspect Spray Drift … Now What?

27. Experts warn of overkill when using chemical controls