November 2016 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – Celebrating 40 years of grain donations

4. Thank you

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New radio series debuts as Canada’s only daily one-hour ag show

6. Need better connections with your association membership? There’s an app for that!

6. Cargill will launch 100% traceable beef brand

6. Country Life in BC is under new ownership

7. Manitoba Chicken Producers extend quota reach

7. Trial begins on allegedly false “organic” chicken claims

7. Expansion at Quebec pork plant

8. BEES – Canada begins its own Bee Informed tech transfer operation

9. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers Program’s 2016 National Event

10. Winners of BC Farmers’ Markets Annual “Ode to a Farmer” Poetry Contest

10. Alberta visionaries inducted into Agriculture Hall of Fame

11. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

11. KAP offers Open Farm Day tour of Winnipeg’s Exchange District

12. FARM BUSINESS – Manitoba officially signs on to flood & drought planning model

12. US turns some Canadian pigs away due to viral symptoms

13. Calf prices and retained ownership

14. Cattle prices: wait or sell?

14. Canadian group sets beef sustainabilty strategy

15. Newfoundland harvest first canola crop

15. Farm building codes under review

16. Ag data expert sees a different future for meat

16. World Bank sees dire financial future from drug-resistant infections

17. Let cattle do the seeding

18. FOOD – New packaging could detect spoiled food

18. Survey shows millenials leading shift back to animal fat

18 Red meat supplies hit record September high

19. Pulses can help stabilize blood sugar

20. MARKETING – World beef markets and trade expected to grow in 2017

21. RESEARCH – Research projects underway thanks to partnerships in MBFI

21. Heat inactivates avian influenza, researcher finds

22. Understanding how chromatin regulators find their targets in the genome

23. Upgrading beef research