May 2016 Index


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3. ACROSS BORDERS – Canada’s Little Potato Co. opens US head office

3. New technology investment to “transform” meat industry, Aussies say

3. Antibiotic-free has its limits, say avian pathologists

4. Foodgrains Bank receives $2.5 M from Government of Canada for Syria relief

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Applications open for Beef Researcher Mentorship Program

6. 2016 Census of Agriculture

6. Agricultural Youth Green Jobs

7. BEES – Bees get a spring check-up

8. EVENTS – ‘Apple Festibul’

9. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

12. FARM BUSINESS – Canada resisting slide in U.S. farmland values

13. Canadian ag technology creates global interest

13. Calls for fewer Russet Burbank potatoes in P.E.I.

14. Farm response team targets stray voltage

14. Strong Canadian dollar stymies cattle rally

15. FOOD – Old data, new conclusion: saturated fat not the bad guy

16. MARKETS – China dairy industry opens door to Canadian forages

17. Japan meetings foster success in canola markets

17. CPC tells House Committee: Get ‘er done!

18. RESEARCH – Fusarium resistance on the rise

19. Pain control gaining priority among beef producers

20. Has E. coli finally met its match in buttermilk?