July 2016 Index


3. Upcoming Pioneer Harvest in Austin to set new world record, celebrate farming heritage

5. ACROSS BORDERS – Vintners act to block counterfeits as China’s thirst for Canadian ice wine grows

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – First-ever pilot to verify Canadian Sustainable Beef

6. GMOs at issue

7. PEDv cases confirmed on three Manitoba hog farms

7. CDC to continue monitoring after MCR-1 gene found in pigs

7. Verified Beef Production Plus Program officially launched

8. BEES – Research Chair in Bee Health named at Guelph

9. 63rd Annual Beaverlodge Beekeepers’ Field Day

11. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Erlandsons Sask’s Outstanding Young Farmers for 2016

12. National championship for Sask. auctioneer

13. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

21. FARM BUSINESS – Dairy Farmers puts Canadians to bed

21. Tips for increasing sugar content in forages

22. Top 10 reasons to think reduced tillage

23. Olymel adding 200 jobs, $25 M expansion of Quebec hog slaughterhouse

23. What you should know about cattle in legume and grass pastures

24. FOOD – Dos & don’ts shopping at farmers’ markets

25. Canadian canola oil fits with new Chinese dietary guidelines

25. McCain Foods expands New Brunswick facility

26. RESEARCH – E. coli can survive recommended cook temps, high pressure