January 2016 Index

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3. Outlook for 2016

5. ACROSS BORDERS – USDA examines biotech regulatory process

5. Crop insurance back on the books in Washington

5. Foodgrains bank receives $1 million from Government for Syria relief

7. Congress passes COOL-killing spending bill

7. Egyptians crack down on fraud with ID card for donkeys

7. NASA wants to grow potatoes on Mars

8. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New board & staff announcements

10. New faces at 4-H BC

10. New role for potatoes?

10. Fall donations fund CHA’s Gilmore Foundation

11. FCC contributes $122,000 to 251 4-H clubs across Canada

11. Canadian farm writers in New Zealand

11. 2016 names International Year of Pulses

12. BEES – Another kind of miticide

12. Production and value of honey 2015

13. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Innovative Farmers of the Year

14. Winners of 2015 Pioneer Yield Challenge Contest

14. 2015 Canadian Angus Association Gold Show Winners

15. Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation and Excellence

15. Albertans at the World Food Championships

15. Winner in FCC Management Software Planning Pays Contest

16. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

17. Pacific Agriculture Show

18. Agricultural & Municipal Biogas Forum: Closing the Loop

19. FARM BUSINESS – Farm & ranch families excluded from new OHS & WCB rule

19. Study on genetically engineered crops nears completion

20. FARM SAFETY – Preventing grain entrapment

20. New AltaLink Hall home to annual Farm Safety Day at Stampede Park

21. FOOD – Canadian agri-food sector developments

22. Tackling a taboo: Climate activists take tender approach on meat

22. What’s the best way to reduce the climate impact on food?

23. RESEARCH – Toxoplasma and birth defects, mental disorders

23. Environmentally resilient oilseeds for Canada and developing countries

24. Discovery about PRRS virus could save swine industry hundreds of millions

24. Cranberries may boost broiler chicken immunity

25. Idaho entomologists expand pest search into the winter

25. Anti-science? No such thing