September 2015 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – CFGB at 2016 Threshermen’s Reunion, events

4. CFGB launches a new conservation agriculture program in Africa

5. New Zealand dairy will ride out the storm

5. Highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) expected to impact East Coast US

6. WTO sets COOL arbitration hearing

6. Cattle shortage prompts Tyson to close Iowa beef plant

6. Rabobank: What role will China play in the global beef market?

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Bonanza highlights

7. Joint SFU-BCIT program targets ecological restoration

8. BEES – 3rd year research to keep bees safe at corn planting

8. Phase 1 of made-in-Alberta Bee Health app is released

8. Apimondia bid – Montreal Canada 2019

9. Are we facing a “world without bees”?

11. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – 2015 Manitoba Excellence in Sustainability Awards

11. Art competition winners at Canadian Junior Angus Showdown

11. The Great Manitoba Food Fight 2015

12. Celebrate BC Farmers Appreciation Week with ‘Ode To A Farmer’ Poetry Contest

12. Robert (Bob) L. Ross Scholarship now accepting applications

13. EVENTS – BC’s Provincial Winter Fair rolling into 77th annual

14. Why fairs and festivals are ‘Going Green’

15. Link to the Past … Look to the Future – International Plowing Matc

16. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

21. FARM BUSINESS – CFA reacts to conclusion of TPP Ministerial non-agreement

21. Bring them back to the farm

22. CFA says: Your food, your farmer should be part of party platforms

22. Producers’ help needed to look at grain flow through Churchill

23. “Replant disease” in apple trees is a myth!

24. RESEARCH – Blue LEDs kill pathogens in cold, acidic conditions

24. The single letter in corn’s DNA that spurred its evolution

26. Indoor farming: agriculture’s next revolution?