June 2015 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – CFGB support projects are varied and address many challenges

4. The One-Hectare Exhibition

5. American GMO labeling act faces committee hurdles

5. Canadian farm writers off to international events

5. WSDA nets 1,000 pounds of DDT during Earth Day event

6. Cost of high quality fruit in Japan

6. Canada, Mexico seek retaliation on US exports

6. Cases still rising in bird flu outbreak, the “worst ever” in the US

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New board & staff changes

8. Ontario Co-op releases fund to help more youth attend CYL

8. Another ‘Sweet’ donation for Lakeland’s Livestock Research Centre

8. BC resource sector supported by years of progress in aboriginal-industrial relations

9. Nail a poacher!

9. IAF Award of Excellence winner redefining crop health technology

10. EVENTS – Kamloops Cowboy Festival highlights

11. The Seven Deadly Sins of Recruiting Volunteers

13. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

20. FARM BUSINESS – Water regulations in Ontario

20. Aussies could help with water problems

22. Honey bee habitat

22. For the record: Neonic changes come with $660 million price tag for Ontario

23. Seed sector delivers on productivity and environmental sustainability

23. Call for nominations – Farmer-rancher Pollinator Conservation Award

23. Plant breeders’ rights updates bring new varieties to Canadian farmers

24. Bright future for beef

24. Look for answers to ag questions in science

25. Building our knowledge about soils

26. RESEARCH – Smell might hold key to protecting crops from insects

26. Research finds mechanism of herbicide resistance

27. GM crop can have diminishing success at fighting off insect pest

27. Researchers discover new weapon to stop plant-killing fungus

27. Scientists reveal new insight on the molecular structure of plants