July 2015 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – New CFGB reps. Saskatchewan sale in support of CFGB

4. Desertification affecting the lives of poor farmers around the world

5. Canada’s threat of $3 billion retaliation against COOL moves US House to action

5. Ireland probes suspected BSE case

5. There’s a lot to be learned from France

6. European Commission urged to suspend Canadian horse meat imports

6. Food companies have three years to get rid of trans fats

6. WSDA trappers start annual hunt for evidence of gypsy moth activity

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New board & staff changes

8. 4-H Canada unveils brand evolution

8. ‘Building the Legacy Sale’ reaps $162,000

9. DFO issues important correction regarding misinformation about milk surplus

9. NFACC welcomes A&W and McDonald’s as new associate members

10. BEES – Proof pollination can be honey bee free

10. Canadian Senate report on bee health

11. Lee Townsend comments on the Senate Report

14. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Rose Valley grain farmers SK Outstanding Young Farmers

15. Canadian Angus youth awards

15. Canadian Angus recognition awards

15. 2015 Calgary Stampede Western Legacy Awards nominations are open

16. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

25. FARM BUSINESS – Crop insurance expansion to non-crop production

25. PMRA numbers show that industry efforts to protect bee health are paying off

26. Feed mill installing new infrared grain sorting technology

26. Growers respond to glyphosate resistance with more diversified weed management

26. AWC recommendations to improve grain transportation

27. RESEARCH – Agricultural research – who should pay?

27. Researchers develop antibiotic alternative for animal producers

28. Geography a stronger indicator of weed diversity than glyphosate-resistance

28. Researchers looking to reduce dependence on nitrogen

28. Scientists use molecular ‘lock and key’ for potential control of GMOs