December 2015 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – Into the future!

5. ACROSS BORDERS – EU rejects national GMO ban proposal

5. Stonehenge builders feasted on pork, beef

5. COOL decision pushed back

5. Glyphosate to be labelled a carcinogen in California

6. Potato power to fuel British food plant

6. Speaking of potatoes …

6. UK report shows the risk of over-regulation

7. Canadian Foodgrains Bank events

8. Foodgrains Bank inviting applications for Nicaragua Food Security Learning Tour

8. EU scientists seek to make processed meats healthier

9. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Federal Ministers sworn in

10. IARC clarifies position on red and processed meats: NAMI answers petition

10. New directors and staff announcements

11. Trimble acquires AGRI-TREND

11. Two orphaned polar bear cubs relocated to Assiniboine Park Zoo

11. Ontario Court strikes down seed treatment challenge

12. BEES – Tools to selectively breed valuable queen traits

13. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – 2015 National Outstanding Young Farmers chosen

14. OYF 2016 Regional Events & Nomination Deadlines

15. Essex County farmer recognized for pollinator protection efforts

15. Albertans inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame

16. Canadian Angus Association introduces Partner of the Year Award

16. Calgary Stampede announces Western Legacy Award winners

17. EVENTS – A Marvellous Mane Event

18. Registration Open for 2016 Agricultural & Municipal Biogas Forum

19. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

20. FARM BUSINESS – Big Data worth $10 billion to global crop farming

20. Important information regarding Alberta farm and workplace legislation

21. Hemp farmers are missing a potential billion dollar market

21. 3 steps of learning to use new software

21. Camelina cover crop a boon to bees

22. FOOD – ‘Best before’ dates lead to waste by consumers

23. Bug banquet makes a unique culinary experience

23. As schools buy more local food, kids throw less food in the trash

24. RESEARCH – Cattle’s best bet against disease

25. Moving manure beyond drug-resistant bacteria

25. Scientists transfer poppy genes to a different species to prevent self-pollination

26. “Orphan gene” may boost protein value of crops

26. Wild soy genetics reveal health benefits, resilience

27. Lr67 gene helps wheat resist major fungal diseases