January 2014 Index

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3. 2013 IN REVIEW, 2014 AHEAD – A momentous year for Canadian trade

4. ACROSS BORDERS – Cairns Group farm leaders’ communique from Bali

5. FDA starts process to cut back antibiotic overuse in livestock

5. Individuals arrested for conspiring to steal seed and trade secrets

6. Get involved in Canadian Foodgrains Bank

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New boards and staff announcements:

7. Phil Kolodychuk elected Canadian Sheep Federation Chair

7. Cereals Canada announces inaugural board and officers

8. Jan Slomp elected NFU President

8. PEI Potato Board elects new executive

8. Saskatchewan Wheat Development Commission names new board

8. GGC elects executive team

8. FarmLink Marketing Solutions opens regional offices

9. Local craft beer, wine, cider and spirits for sale at BC Farmers’ Markets

9. CWB to purchase Mission Terminal

9. BASF now sells biological seed treatments

10. BEES – Where have all the bees gone? Genomics leading the way

12. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – BC kicks off 2014 OYF events

12. OYF Calendar

13. Kim McConnell honored with 2013 W.R. Motherwell Award

13. 2013 Canadian Angus Gold Show champions

13. Enter the CleanFARMS contest – win a hockey weekend

14. ENERGY – Fossil fuel subsidies reach $544 billion

14. Agricultural residue provides the answer to EU’s bioenergy needs

14. Clean wind energy continues to support Ontario’s electricity supply

15. EVENTS – The newest in farming tech is at PAS

16. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

17. 2014 Renewable Agri-energy Forum

18. FARM BUSINESS – After a long silence, producers get help with variety selection

18. Farmers may appeal partial win in Federal Court

19. Plant breeders’ rights settlement

19. Feedback on amendments to pipeline damage regulations

20. MARKETS – Rabobank international reports: Beef cattle outlook

20. Chinese demand for dairy to see high pricing continue in 2014

20. Poultry outlook bullish due to lower feed costs, tight global supplies of pork and beef

21. OPINION – CFA says C-18 is good news for farmers

21. NFU calls for precaution and independent research in neonicotinoid review

22. Holistic farming approach needed to meet world food demand sustainably

23. RESEARCH – Retraction of GMO paper

23. Genetic blueprint of potatoes revealed

23. Significant advance reported with genetically modified poplar trees