December 2014 Index

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3. Favourite photos of 2014

4. ACROSS BORDERS – Brazil may supply sustainable beef to McDonald’s

 5. Canadian FoodGrains Bank fall events

 6. $6.1 million farm acquisition in California

 6. Bill amending Pakistan’s Seed Act clears legislative process

 6. US annoyed by delays in EU GM approvals

 6. Australian farmers battle herbicide resistance with harvest-time weed seed controls

 7. Smuckers called out on GMOs; Monsanto and wheat farmers reach settlement

 7. Canada and B.C. unprepared for climate-based migration

8. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New board & staff changes

 8. Wind, solar generation capacity catching nuclear power

 9. $5 million donation expands cattle research at University of Calgary

 10. Reward offered in potato tampering case

 10. Small farmers are ‘a dying breed’, but what does that mean for our food supply?

 10. Canadian processor begins $10 million expansion

 10. Farm Adaptation Innovator Program call for Expressions of Interest

11. BEES – Neonic pesticides and the prospects for future life on planet Earth

13. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Alberta farm receives national pollinator award

 13. New member inducted into 4-H Alberta Hall of Fame

 13. China awards WPC international advisor; Major Hereford wins in 2014

 14. FMC announces winners of “Y We Farm Young Farmer Video Competition”

 14. Canadian Wind Energy Association annual award winners

15. ENVIRONMENT – Sign of the times – good old days meet the future

16. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows; Christmas Farmers’ Markets & Special Events

 17. Dairy farmers celebrate 50 years at the Royal

18. FARM BUSINESS – Markets experience a second perfect storm

 19. Proposed Us-Canadian meat trade language standards released

 19. PEI Prof on BVD; New research shows the value of neonics

 20. Gene variants provide yield benefits

 20. Report shows decline in public seed supply

 20. Profitability trumps size, says FCC Ag Knowledge Exchange speaker

 21. Feed and transportation support coming for Manitoba livestock producers

 21. Saskatchewan company may revolutionize seed potato production

 22. FCC report shows Canada is world’s top per capita agriculture trader

 22. USDA deregulates Innate potatoes

 22. Compensation for Manitoba farmers affected by Portage Diversion fail-safe

 22. Farmer model

23. FOOD – Forget vertical farms, this is vertical everything – Welcome to The Future!

 24. U-Be-Livin-Smart health foods launched in Ontario

 24. Taste of Canada

 24. Ontario launches tax credit for farmers and food banks

25. MARKETS – Securing new trade deals are just the tip of the iceberg

 26. Rabobank reports – Dairy enters a protracted bear market

 26. Opportunities to tap into Turkey’s vibrant dairy industry

 26. Russian bans won’t slow runaway beef markets

 26. Rapid intensification of Brazilian beef production to continue

 26. Pricing management to optimize wine marketers profits

 26. Innovation is essential to steer food and agriculture companies towards growth

27. OPINION – Disappointment with efforts to derail amendments to Plant Breeders’ Rights

 27. Trading away democracy through CETA