April 2014 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – Become a farmer that makes a difference

4. Six states challenge constitutionality of California’s ‘Bad Egg Bill’

4. Price of US beef posts biggest spike in a decade

4. USDA updates new PEDv cases, gauges Canadian hog impact

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS – More GF2 innovation funding available through IAF

5. New practical skills handbook on organic livestock

6. Canada and Korea strike free trade deal

6. New Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Pigs released

7. BEES – Canada’s bees are thriving: public needs facts, not fear

8. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Winners of BC Farmers’ Markets awards

8. OYF Calendar

9. Cloverdale Rodeo & Country Fair launches scholarship

9. Alberta Pork Congress awards

10. Manitoba high school teacher recognized as a Green Champion

11. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

12. ‘Walk on the Rural Side’ – Rural Expo in Barriere BC

14. FARM BUSINESS – Railways ordered to move grain

15. FOOD – Growth in Canadian food manufacturing

16. Urban Agriculture Act No. 720 mandates vertical farming in the Philippines

16. Emmanuel Pratt’s mission to turn blight into farms and grow entrepreneurs

16. Pinning their hopes on a blue moo

16. Wall Street investors take aim at farmland

16. A comeback for the last mushroom farms of the Paris catacombs?

16. ALUS program takes flight in Norfolk

17. CPP board investing in farmland

17. **Logistics: The missing link for the Good Food Movement

17. SNAP incentives prompt 25 percent boost in produce consumption

17. We knew it! Produce snacks/sides affordable, healthful

17. ALUS producers win prestigious award

17. Allen Street, City Market, Incu-Bake blossom as local food incubators

18. MARKETS – New Chinese agricultural policy driving production scale, consumption

18. High crop production set to challenge Brazil’s infrastructure again

18. Unlocking Poland’s dairy potential

18. Indonesia will become a top 3 global wheat importer in next five years

18. 2014 fertiser outlook bearish

19. PEDv set to cause significant shortfalls in North American hog market

19. International dairy prices to ease through 2014

20. OPINION – CFFO responds to job-creation challenge

20. California water situation has lessons for Ontario

21. Backlog in grain is connected to backlog in Democracy

22. RESEARCH – SFU tests soil radioactivity

22. Rubber wristbands show pollution in air, water and food

23. Feed 50% more colostrum, say Irish scientists

23. Female sexed semen has a higher value than previously thought