October 2013 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – World in microcosm: Rabobank reports

5. Manitoba harvest for Canadian Foodgrains Bank

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New boards and staff announcements

6. New Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Beef Cattle released

7. Interns promoting a positive message

7. Rick Hansen headlines FCC Forums speaker series

8. Plans for Indian Head tree nursery move ahead

8. Call for nominations – UFA Co-operative Board of Directors

8. Manitoba announces new workshops to better protect livestock from wildlife

9. BEES – What’s killing the bees? Home sweet toxic hive

11. What’s killing the bees? Pesticides, but not the ones you think

12. What’s killing the bees? Bee-pocalypse not

13. What’s killing the bees? Varroa, and other problems

14. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Lifelong passion drives Quebec OYF winners

14. OYF Calendar

15. Ontario Farm Family Awards

15. Honouring those who enhance safety in BC

15. 2013 Metacam® 20 Bovine Welfare Award

16. FCC contributes $80,000 to six rural community projects in British Columbia

16. Early Bird Winner in FCC Management Software Planning Pays contest

16. ‘Ode to a Farmer’ poetry contest winners have unique connections to agriculture

16. Nominations open for Manitoba’s 2013 Excellence in Sustainability Awards

17. ENVIRONMENT – Climate Adaptation Strategy strengthens resilience of Delta agriculture

18. Four African nations agree to Water Management Program

18. IAEA meeting focuses on nuclear and isotopic science to protect oceans

19. Agriculture needs to do more to reduce phosphorus loading

19. Global ethanol production reduces GHGs by 100 million tones in 2013

20. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

21. FARM BUSINESS – COOL not cooling

21. Collection of Manitoba Voluntary Cattle Enhancement Levy ends

22. The Open for Business Initiative looks at red meat sector regulatory burden

22. CSTA disowns its long-awaited alfalfa co-existence plan

23. Fourth year of FCC Ag Safety Fund set to begin

23. NFU releases analysis of seed crop inspection privatization

24. FOOD – How local is local?

25. RESEARCH – Investigating drug resistant parasites in livestock

25. The failing freezer: how soil microbes affect global climate

26. New seeds are resistant to wheat stem rust (Ug99)

26. Spudcast – the national Canadian potato magazine

27. Veterinary medicine fellow to research cattle health

27. Folic acid deficiency has multigenerational effects