November 2013 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – New Zealand’s different approach to farming

4. An African perspective on the opportunities of biotechnology

5. Canadian Foodgrains Bank events

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – New boards and staff announcements: Alberta Lamb/Alberta Wheat Commission

7. CASA welcomes new chair and member to Governance Board/ CFIA joins Health Canada

8. New $5M camellia oil development program/ Plant breeders litigation resolved

8. Canadian Angus Youth come home as champs

9. Angus Canada moves to new digs/ Canada/EU reach historic trade agreement

9. BrettYoung invests in Biologicals/ CropInspect adds staff for seed inspections

9. Dupont expands research centre in Manitoba

9. Evogene & Dupont Pioneer expand collaboration/ Bayer adds to Executive Committee

10. BEES – Bumblebee GPS

10. EPA on the carpet over conditional registrations

11. Feds to bring in tighter rules for pesticides that threaten bees

11. Pioneer offers neonicotinoid-free corn, soybean seed, but only in Canada

12. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – OYF 2013 national event Nov 15th

12. OYF Calendar

13. Canadian Wind Energy Association announces annual award winners

13. Fukushima earthquake triggers award-winning thesis topic

14. Excellence awards for ag students

14. Canadian Farm Writers Federation annual awards

15. ENVIRONMENT – Time to recognize the many success stories

16. Nitrogen fertilizer remains in soils for decades

17. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

18. Olds College celebrates 100 years

18. Lakeland College Centennial

18. Wishlist heifer to be offered Nov 30

19. FARM BUSINESS – Boosting seed performance & yield

19. Tyson no longer accepting Canadian cattle shipped to US plants

20. FNA launches temporary foreign worker program

21. FOOD – CFFO weighs in on Local Food Act

21. Food Cluster at ANUGA in Germany

22. Pilot project to get more sustainable, locally grown food into Manitoba institutions

22. FCC Drive Away Hunger collects over 6.5 million pounds of food

23. MARKETS – Rabobank international reports: Beef cattle

23. China’s Festival season drives elevated pork market

23. Innovation and market diversification to drive Argentine wine growth gains

24. OPINION – EU trade deal doesn’t match ‘balanced approach’

24. Ontario misses point in decision against Environmental Assessment of GM alfalfa

25. RESEARCH – AAFC research could mean alternatives to traditional fertilizers

25. How an aggressive fungal pathogen causes mold