July 2013 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – Canada issues warning to US on latest COOL regulations

3. Agrisearch appoints research fellow

3. Problems with Chinese meat ban

3. Another farm investment scheme with Other Peoples’ Money (OPM)

4. As US Farm Bill negotiations begin, Brazil doubles down on agricultural subsidies

5. And on the other side …. Why the next farm bill should be the last

5. Positive global outlook threatened by bird flu in China

6. Canadian Foodgrains Bank events

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Opportunities for Canadian canola in China

7. Building the Legacy for the Foundation

8. Executive elected for the Canadian Angus Association

8. Barley Council welcomes new Saskatchewan commissions

8. ‘Agriculture More Than Ever’ marks first anniversary

9. Agricultural Biotechnology International Conference

10. BEES – European Union restricts neonicotinoids

11. US bees to Canada?

12. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Waldheim grain farmers named Saskatchewan’s Outstanding Young Farmers

12. OYF Calendar

13. 50-Year CAA Heritage Award presented to Ebon Hill Angus

13. Lorenz wins Robert C. McHaffie Junior Ambassador Competition

13. Dick Turner Scholarship awarded to Becky Domolewski

13. Valley Auction named Canadian Angus Auction Market of the Year

14. ENERGY – Tests lead to doubling of fuel cell life

14. Industry ready to work on a renewable diesel mandate

14. Clean wind energy ‘right solution at right time’ in Alberta

15. EVENTS – “Hell or High Water” t-shirts raise money for the Red Cross Floods Fund

16. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

22. FARM BUSINESS – Farming the seas

23. Farmed fish production overtakes beef

25. FARM SAFETY – Preparing for emergencies

25. Anthrax update

26. CASA encourages communities to host a 2014 Safety Day