January 2013 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – Brazil threatens WTO action over BSE-based beef ban

3. Rural groups urge DOJ to scrutinize JBS buying XL plants in US

3. Postpone the US Farm Bill

4. EU Council paves way for lactic acid use in beef

4. Weaker demand in international dairy market slows, not prevents, price recovery

4. Northern Beef Packers stumbles out of the gate

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS – COOL for pork and beef!

5. Country-of-origin labels show no economic benefit for meat

5. Organic equivalency further supports Canadian exports

6. JBS names JBS Canada president, weighs XL purchase

6. Boehm re-elected by acclamation at 43rd annual NFU convention

6. Saanich District Council a GE-free zone

7. BEES – Bee Care Center to help solve bee health’s toughest challenges

8. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Rural community groups benefit from AgriSpirit funds

8. Outstanding Young Farmers Calendar

9. Prairie winemakers and Quebec sheep farmers share Canada’s 2012 OYF honour

11. ENERGY – Standards for on-farm energy production

12. EVENTS – Dairy health is dairy wealth!

13. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

14. Highlights at Pacific Ag Show 2013

15. FARM BUSINESS – Global beef prices to reach record levels in 2013

15. Farmers show impressive support for fertilizer plant

16. Borrowers make five common errors when applying for a loan

17. FOOD – Food trends: Part 1 – general eating patterns

18. Change of date for Kelowna food safety workshop

19. OPINION – Mixed reviews on grain agreements

20. Higher commodity prices driven by fundamentals, not speculation

21. RESEARCH – Genetic marker for milk productivity

21. ‘Organic’ leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some consumers

22. Economic impacts of livestock production in Canada – a regional multiplier analysis