February 2013 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – Seeds of change

3. 30 years of working to end global hunger

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Draft beef cattle Code of Practice released for public comment

5. Tri-partner agreement on soil nutrient signed in Manitoba

6. CanadaGAP completes re-benchmarking by Global Food Safety Initiative

7. BEES – Current and emerging beekeeper issues

8. Honey bees and pesticides

9. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Fifth generation farmers and still Outstanding

10. UBC professor wins Award of Excellence for Innovation

11. BC Minister of Agriculture & Lieutenant Governor present Diamond Jubilee Awards

12. ENERGY – Energy Summit the ideal opportunity for sustainable policy

12. Ontario to abandon coal-fired electricity

12. Grey County farm solar installations soaring

13. EVENTS – It’s that time of year again!

14. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

15. FARM BUSINESS – Global fertilizer prices to remain ‘elevated’ in 2013

15. Small acreage? Lots your farm status? Mad as hell?

16. Five economic issues for agriculture to watch in 2013

17. FARM SAFETY – Too many children still dying on Canada’s farms

18. Safety record improving on Canada’s farms

19. FOOD – changing food consumption trends: Part 2 – the Baby Boomers

20. The GMO debate takes a new turn

20. Top 10 food trends predictions for 2013

21. RESEARCH – ‘Scarecrow’ gene might trigger big boost in food production

21. The longer-term impact of Western diet on human cognition and the brain

22. Cornell scientists tackle tiny fly that’s big trouble for berry growers

22. Certain whole foods may ease IBD symptoms

23. Herbicide resistance testing approaches

23. A walk in the trees

24. Ground-breaking discovery of new kind of antibiotic resistance

25. Tobacco as the ‘good guy’