August 2013 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – Meat industry sues USDA over latest COOL rule

4. Granny cloud teaching for India

4. Fertility surprises portend a more populous future

4. Milk for the TIgers – Southeast Asia becomes a battleground for dairy exporters

5. Gulf of Mexico ‘dead zone’ and the corn belt

5. Rabobank Q2 reports – beef, dairy

6. Rabobank – wine, cider, international investments in renewable energy, pork

7. Canadian Foodgrains Bank events list

8. World hunger in decline, but the need is still there, says CFGB

8. “Soup’s on!”

8. Praying it won’t hail, protected in case it does

9. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Peter Entz is Canadian Seed Trades 2013-14 President

9. Dr. Michael Raymont President & CEO of AVAC Ltd.

9. Investment Agriculture Foundation 2013 executive

10. Canadian Sheep Federation appoints new Executive Director

10. CanadaGAP needs nominations for CanAgPlus board

10. Animal care codes of practice

11. BEES – Beekeeping industry files appeal against EPA for registering Sulfoxaflor

11. Bees: The new pest control applicators

12. Western Apicultural Society Conference

13. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Southern Alberta farm family awards

13. Simon Fraser Green Labs program awarded Environmental Star

14. EVENTS – Ontario Food Cluster at SIAL Brazil

15. Ropin’, riden’ and other things at the North Thompson Fair & Rodeo

16. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

23. 2013 All Canada Sheep Classic

24. FARM BUSINESS – Rail service legislation becomes law

24. New leaders take the helm for Canadian Farm Management

25. Registering generic pesticides

25. Better manage your price risk by understanding the markets

26. FOOD – National recognition for Ellen Desjardins

26. To feed the future, we must mine the wealth of the world’s seed banks today

27. RESEARCH – Glysophate found in human urine across Europe

27. The 3 major determinants of Isoprene emissions, precursor to methane buildup

28. Improving crop yields in a world of extreme weather events

28. Mapping oil palm indicates a way to raise yields and protect rainforest

28. Managing vegetables’ ‘internal clocks’

29. Researchers help threatened wheat crops in Asia