November 2012 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – World energy leaders meet in Dubai

3. Global grain production at record high despite extreme climatic events

4. Global meat production and consumption slow down

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Sunrise Poultry expansion increases demand for Alberta turkey

5. Embryo transplant company under new ownership

6. Judy Guichon is BC’s new Lieutenant-Governor

6. Investment Agriculture Foundation contribute over $1.5 million to new projects

7. Joint US-Canadian website adds cross-border seed trade FAQs

7. Masterfeeds Inc. and Ridley Inc. announce Canadian feed business merger

7. Proposed Camrose canola crushing plant sign of a strong future

7. Former KAP GM dies

7. Minister Ritz accepts poultry farmers challenge for Movember

8. BEES – Super weeds and super bugs mean more pesticide use

8. M&M’s-crazed bees make blue and green honey

10. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Albertans win international pollinator award

11. Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers to gather for national events

11. Canadian International Farm Show bursary available

11. Organic heroes selected for Excellence Awards

12. 100 outstanding Albertans receive Western Legacy Awards

13. WI Rural Woman of the Year 2012

14. EVENTS – Canadian Foodgrains Bank events

15. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

16. Ontario Food Cluster Group at SIAL Paris

17. FARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – Canadian agriculture output surges in 2012

18. Changes in Canadian farmland values

19. Distillers grains a critical component of global feed market

19. The pesticide buyer has important responsibilities

20. FOOD – A fork in city’s path to future: pave or save?

21. 1 Potato…2 potato…92,500 potato?

21. FCC’s Drive Away Hunger capping nets food and cash

22. Food safety … a priority!

23. OPINION – One million pounds of beef

23. The lure of labeling: Will GMO food info provide a benefit for the cost?

23. Policy of coexistence of GM alfalfa is “utterly absurd”, say local farmers

24. More food inspectors won’t solve tainted meat scandals

25. NFU calls for overhaul of federal policy on meat industry