July 2012 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – Perceptions of agriculture

3. ACROSS BORDERS – The ‘Strolling of the Heifers’

4. US farmers, ranchers fight USDA animal ID scheme

4. Canada joins Trans Pacific Partnership

5. US credit providers urge full use of crop insurance

5. Groundwater depletion in Texas, California threaten US food security

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Viterra and CWB reach grain handling agreement

6. Canadian Angus Association elects Gary Latimer new President

7. New Vineland Research Station ‘The Innovation Report’

7. Quality food for health research in Alberta

8. International Livestock Congress goes August 15th in Calgary

9. Farmers set to receive 2012 AgriInvest deposit notices

9. Investment Agriculture Foundation seeks proposals under CAAP

10. BEES – Winter honey bee losses decline in U.S.

11. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Inductees to Canadian Ag Hall of Fame

11. Manitoba receives national conservation award

11. Saskatchewan OYF winners announced at Farm Progress Show

12. 4-H Alberta announces Premier’s Award recipient

12. UFA Small Town Heroes competition

12. Way to go, Brett!

12. Doerksens of Blumenort Manitoba’s Family Farm of the Year

13. Canadian Angus awards

14. ENERGY – ‘Power of Wind’ blog competition

14. Made-in-Manitoba electric bus rolls out

15. Global ethanol production to reach 85.2 billion litters in 2012

15. G20 failing on commitment to reduce oil subsidies

15. Air Canada launches first biofuels powered flight

16. EVENTS – Calgary Stampede honors past celebrities

17. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

21. Ontario Food Cluster team at SIAL and FISPAL Brazil

22. Federation of Women’s Institutes 19th Triennial Convention

23. FOOD – Upping the apple ante – apples as superfood

24. CFA welcomes the Safe Food for Canadians Act

24. Barriers to sustainable consumer food choice

24. Locavore News

25. MARKETING – Over-supply in the potash market

25. Strawberries or grapes? – Consumer preference