December 2012 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – California defeats GMO bill

3. Backlash to GMO labeling turn-down

3. French GMO corn study

4. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Alberta Wheat Commission elections

4. Canola growers elections

4. New Faculty of Agriculture at Dalhousie University

4. CASA Council re-elects members to the board

5. Manitoba EcoCalendar

5. First Forum on Agriculture and the Environment focuses on possibilities

6. BEES – Fungus fights bee mites in a two-pronged attack

7. Honey bee wintering losses in Canada (2012)

9. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – FCC seeks to honour outstanding women in agriculture

9. Outstanding Young Farmers Calendar

10. CFGA bestows first Leadership Award

10. Two outstanding Albertans inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame

11. ENERGY – Crude oil putting brakes on global economy

11. Agri-energy Forum in Abbotsford BC

12. Ontario farmers and manufacturers eliminate hydro bills

12. Changing energy landscape means opportunity for Canadian agriculture

13. EVENTS – Farmers market lovers brave driving rain to attend launch

14. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

15. FARM BUSINESS – Brazil’s JBS set to take over XL Foods

16. JBS sees food safety problems in first week of XL Foods takeover

16. R-CALF wants an investigation

17. FOOD – OFC team to Chicago private label show

17. CAPI study demonstrates need for National Food Strategy

18. Change of date for Kelowna food safety workshop

19. OPINION – Re-shaping of public policy – at what cost?

20. RESEARCH – Learning on the run in the desert

20. Genome decoded: Clues to more disease resistant watermelons

21. Bread wheat’s large and complex genome is revealed

22. Plants’ exposure to light influences organic weed control methods

22. Invading weeds are met by an offense of plant-eating insects