September 2011 Index

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3. ACROSS BORDERS – “Land Grabs” in agriculture: Fairer deals needed to ensure opportunity for locals

3. Lentil producers unable to use glyphosate for pre-harvest weed control

4. Western Apicultural Society meeting in Hawaii

4. Canada-Columbia FTA takes effect

4. Chinese courts cracking down in clenbuterol scandal

5. Pesticides, GMOs now the trespassers

5. Japan checking all beef cattle for radiation

6. The eurozone’s rendezvous with destiny

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Special Paul Brandt concert to support community initiative in Slave Lake

7. Canadian government abandons federal meat inspection in three provinces

8. BOOK REVIEW – ‘Blinded by Science’

9. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Canadian Angus presents Eastern Feedlot of the Year award

10. OYF Calendar

11. ENERGY – Carbon neutral — too good to be true?

11. Biodiesel jet car races at Drag Wars

12. Curbing Ottawa’s skyrocketing power bill

13. Oil prices: Could this time be different?

13. The “Other” developing Asia: The rest of the coal supercycle story

14. ENVIRONMENT – Evaluating the value of dollars spent on environmental projects

15. EVENTS – Tractor convoy visits Melancthon to support quarry opposition

16. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows – September & October 2011

21. Through others’ eyes …. comments by the Australian visitors

22. Farm Business Management – Despite global unrest, a cautiously positive outlook

23. Emotions aren’t helpful in grain marketing decisions, or debating marketing choice

24. New ‘farmers’ share’ study released

25, OPINION – Despite AAA credit rating, Canada is still on shaky ground

26. RESEARCH – UK scientists develop fecal contamination marker for poultry through feed additive

26. Research uncovers perceptions on cloning

27. Cryogenic freezing can reduce weed growth

27. Vaccine linked to ‘bleeding calf syndrome’

28. Processors detail various E. coli intervention results

28. Multidisciplinary approach tackles role of science in decision-making