October 2011 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – The democratic nature of ‘Sigfluence’

3. Book review – Dark Ages II

4. ACROSS BORDERS – Buy America: Round two

5. NZ pig farmers press for upholding anti-PRRS import restrictions

5. Lack of US animal ID system to cost beef, pork industries millions

5. Japan restaurants, stores do own radiation checks

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Proposed mega-quarry will be subject to environmental assessment

7. Lakeland’s student managed farm now powered

8. FAO warns of avian influenza resurgence

8. Rob Black elected President of the Canadian 4-H Council

9. BEES – EU court rules on GMO contamination, opens door to biotech liability

10. Making a beeline for the best rewards

11. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Canadian farm writers honoured at international conference

11. Investment Agriculture Foundation seeks nominations for Innovation Award

12. Top student weed scientists recognized during first ‘WeedOlympics’

12. OYF Calendar

13. ENERGY – biofuels make a comeback despite tough economy

14. EVENTS – CFBMC becomes Farm Management Canada

14. 2012 Dr. FX Aherne Prize for innovative pork production

15. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

16. International Plowing Match highlights

17. FARM ANIMAL HEALTH – Healthy animals, healthy Canada

19. FARM BUSINESS – Stats Canada crop report, September

19. 2011 post-harvest cash advance for canola growers

20. How voluntary grain pools work in Australia

20. Mortality insurance for swine reaches milestone

21. Benchmarking is a growing trend, says FCC survey

21. Extended fee cap for livestock and embryo industries

22. Eliminate split earthquake insurance coverage

23. OPINION – Carcass irradiation petition gets nuked

24. Curbing Ottawa’s skyrocketing power bill

25. Just say no to more stimulus spending

26. More fake job creation from government

27. RESEARCH – Will understanding gene technology improve

public acceptance?

28. Parsing Canada’s research tax credit boondoggle