May 2011 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – Can consumers trust our terminology?

4. ACROSS BORDERS -Miss America takes on support of agriculture

4. Construction begins on Italy cellulosic plant/Groups petition EPA to regulate ammonia pollutants

5. US farmers, seed producers launch suit against Monsanto

5. ‘Low Atmospheric Pressure Stunning’ promising for poultry welfare

5. First farming film festival seeks game changing storytellers

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Gift helps launch chair in food safety at McGill/ World farmers unite

7.’Man in Motion’ named 2011 Calgary Stampede Parade Marshall

7. Sled dog case brings Canada’s toughest animal cruelty laws

7. New funding for Brandon’s Keystone Centre

8. BEES – UK orders review of ‘safe’ pesticides

9. Honeybees ‘entomb’ hives to protect against pesticides

10. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Canadian 4-H Council recognizes volunteers

10. Willowgrove Hill wins Premier’s Award for agri-food innovation

11. Manitoba Champions of the New Rural Economy

11. Competition deliciously fierce at 5th annual Great Manitoba Food Fight

12. ENERGY – What do uncertain oil markets mean for Alberta?

13. New energy utility planned for Burnaby Mountain, BC

13. Carbon offset co-op to reduce fuel consumption in forestry sector

14. ENVIRONMENT – Ethanol to reduce GHGs by 105 million tonnes in 2011/Made-in-Canada biodiesel

15. EVENTS – ‘Make a Difference’ Sale nets $115,000 for world hunger relief

16. Fairs, exhibitions and farm shows

18. FARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – BMO agri-outlook: sector set to expand in 2011

19. FOOD – Oil prices still driving food price increases

19. Naked oat: Nutrition stripped down to its bare essentials

20. GRAIN – Increase in revenue cap inflation factor for 2011 – 2012 crop year

21. INNOVATION – Canadian agribusiness owners innovate to make their products work

21. More ideas for success from

22. OPINION – Has ‘local’ become as meaningless as ‘natural’?

22. Local labels on many foods are false, study suggests

23. How to save a trillion dollars on health care

24. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Just like bees, people are loaded with pesticides too

24. Global fungal epidemic threatens food supply and forests

25. Biodiesel farm equipment study finds no problems

25. NFU says Enviropig is not the answer