March 2011 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – Ethical issues in the farm media

4. ACROSS BORDERS – Banking on the harvest

4. USA lifts GMO restrictions on corn; Texas legislature considering raw milk sales

4. Limagrain moves into Brazilian corn market

5. USDA uncovers plot to import fake organics; Canadian Foodgrains Bank feeds world’s hungry

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Costa Rica to resume access for Canadian beef; Russian, home markets improve

6. Minister applauds pulse report; Ag ministers promote new ag opportunities

7. Virtual round tables for future farmers; Funding

8. BEES – Pollen protection a plant priority

9. Anti-fungal agents could put pollinators off the scent

10. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Ted & Wilma Smith receive 2010 W.R. Motherwell Award

11. Nuffield Scholars 2011; CFBMC launches annual Excellence Award Contest

12. ENERGY – Biodiesel blends now a reality in Canada; Will farmers get paid for their carbon offsets?

13. Is on-farm energy generation an option for you?

15. ENVIRONMENT – Alberta’s agricultural offset trading system

16. EVENTS – Agriculture remains core at Winter Fair

17. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

18. FOOD – Food crisis a threat to global stability, Canadian agricultural interests; ‘Testing to find’

19. A ‘food manifesto’; Steering the ‘spend shift’

20. FARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – Incorporation; the ultimate tax strategy or a farmer’s curse?

21. FARM SAFETY – Sharps; a pointed subject

22. GRAIN – GMO grains bill defeated

22. The ‘next canola’?

23. OPINION – Western shift in Canadian economy gaining momentum

24. NB government’s refusal to act is abdication of responsibility

25. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Feeding the world without polluting its waters

25. New livestock genomics research funding ready to roll out

25. PARC leaders in cherry research, but where are the researchers?

26. TRENDS – Focusing in on feeding the world; Mayor declares war on lawns’

27. Optimism at the farm gate highestin four years; Farmers need proof they are going green

27. Real estate plans set to monopolize domestic farmland

28. WATER – Producing clean water in an emergency

28. Manitoba flood outlook