June 2011 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – Social networks will shape 21st century organizations

5. ACROSS BORDERS – Identifying ‘local’ Irish pork

5. Market information system launched in Africa

6. Casualties of economic downturn spur a new movement of resource sharing

6. Anti-Atrazine rally

6. USDA predicts record corn crop; US exports of ethanol

7. Help Us Re-brand Poverty!

8. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Livestock emergency declared in Manitoba

8. No voluntary marketing option for canola

8. BC 4-H launches 2011 lottery

9. Are you ready to STEP UP?

9. Quebec maple syrup producers support charity

9. Know someone whose made a difference in farm business management?

10. BEES – Mining the honeybee genome/ Day of the Honeybee

12. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – CFBMC Excellence Award for students in agriculture

13. IFAJ-Alltech young leader award winners announced

13. Apply now for Outstanding Young Farmer annual memorial scholarship

13. BC cheesery makes Canada’s best camembert and brie

14. 2011 BC Cowboy Hall of Fame Awards

15. Joe Marten Memorial Award for preservation of cowboy heritage in BC

15. Gamechangers

16. ENVIRONMENT – Mega quarry raises water concerns

17. EVENTS – Help ‘Raise the Roof’ on the North Thompson Agri-Plex!

18. Fairs, exhibitions and farm shows: June-July 2011

23. FARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT -Allegations of blacklisting by Mexican Consulate in Vancouver

24. FOOD – Ontario Food Cluster seeks international business

24. BC seafood in Belgium

25. INNOVATION – GPS herding rather than riding fences

25. Exploring air flow technology for raspberry harvesting

25. High pressure preserves food naturally

26. OPINION – American meat: Is it really at half staph?

26. Key questions for a changing agriculture

27. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Emergency: GMOs, glyphosate & tomorrow

28. Cool species can take the heat

28. Giant fossil ants linked to global warming