July 2011 Index

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3. Mike Puhallo

4. ACROSS BORDERS – Helping out in the rebuilding of an agricultural sector

4. USDA to pay vet school loans for work in under-served rural Washington

5. Germany identifies E. coli source

5. Monsanto case amplified

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Ruling removes hurdle for planned New Brunswick poultry plant

6. Searchable databases on chemical toxicity and exposure data now available

7. Canada’s agri-food destination

7. Tax relief for Great Slave fire victims

7. Opposition to dismantling CWB

8. BEES – Honey containing GM pollen needs approval before sale in the EU

8. Small hive beetle found in honeybee queen shipments from Hawaii

9. Beware of predatory male black bears

9. Bee diagnostic centre

10. BOOK REVIEW – Minnie Rose Lovgreen’s contribution to the local food movement

11. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Alberta Food for Health Award winners

11. OYF Calendar

12. ENERGY – Farmers have been capturing carbon for years

12. $4 billion in power sales to the US for Manitoba Hydro

13. ENVIRONMENT – Restoration of a wetland in South Okanagan

14. EVENTS – Fairs, Exhibitions and Farm Shows: July – August 2011

21. Second annual BC Beef Day

22. FARM ANIMAL CARE – Alberta Mandatory Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Program

22. Equine Herpes Virus 1 outbreaks

23. FARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – Now is a good time to review financial strategy

24. Summer adventures in agriculture

24. Seeded acreage forecasts for 2011

25. FOOD – Aiming for a greener pasteur

25. Consumers wary of advice from food experts

26. OPINION – The world is not running out of natural resources

29. Is it certified organic death? Yup.