January 2011 Index

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4. ACROSS BORDERS – Pork producers fight for open borders

4. Let’s all come Down2Earth

5. ANNOUNCEMENTS – NFU opens membership to urban farmers

5. Feeding the world in 2050: Dinner for 9.3 billion people

6. Appointments

6. Funding

7. AWARDS & COMPETITIONS – Alberta Environmental Stewardship Award

8. BEES – Australian bees banned in US

9. Small hive beetle as it affects Hawaiian queens

9. Sleepless honey bees miscommunicate too

10. EPA asked to pull pesticide linked to bee kills

11. ENERGY – Advanced biofuels in Canada: the future is now

12. SFU report calls for national clean energy centre

12. Canola biodiesel reduces lifecycle greenhouse gas by 90 percent

13. ENVIRONMENT – Pilot project blocks pollutants from entering Lake Winnipeg

14. Manitoba greenhouse gas emissions projected below 2000 levels

15. EVENTS – Pacific Agriculture Show exhibitors clamouring for more space

16. Fairs, exhibitions and farm shows

17. FOOD – Vertical farming, does it really stack up?

18. Iron Chef Uptown “a certified mega success”

18. Rockabilly for Food Share

19. GRAIN – Blackleg back on the radar

20. OPINION – Future safety net design drawing attention

20. Farm policy increasingly needs to pay heed to the “missing middle”

21. Farmers need a rail cost review

22. RESEARCH – Pigs reveal secrets: new light on Quebec industry

22. Insect birth control strategy zaps cotton pests

23. How genes jump from crop to crop

23. ‘Prairie Snowdrift’ newest winter-hardy rose

24. TRADE – Anti-dumping duties on refined sugar upheld