February 2011 Index

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4. ACROSS BORDERS – German dioxin scare affects more than pork supply chain

4. Report shows ag innovation key to reducing poverty, stabilizing climate

5. Putting a stop to the spreading sands

5. Coalition treats more than 50,000 injured animals in Haiti

5. FMD and bird flu in South Korea, Japan launches massive culls

6. Using dirt to make clean water

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Chicken companies to build plant in New Brunswick

7. Done deal! Lakeland land purchase approved

7. New information resources

8. Elections & appointments; Funding; New programs

9. BEEF – Single desk marketing for cattle industry

10. Keystone Processors Ltd. announces management changes

10. Second year of SRM compensation requested

11. BEES – Toxin-laden nectar poses problems for honeybees

12. How flowers appear to bees

13. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – Pavey Award – Whose the worst developer on Vancouver Island?

14. EPA asked to pull pesticide linked to bee kills

15. ENERGY – Wind high on list of clean energy sources, Canadian technology

17. ENVIRONMENT – MB launches new strategy to expand bio-products industry

18. EVENTS – Fairs, exhibitions and farm shows

19. FOOD – Ag ministers call on G-20 for action to stop food price manipulation

20. Canadian foodservice industry outpaces US

21. INNOVATION – Small tech leads to big results: Weekend meat inspection services

21. Salvaging drain water heat

212. A nursery for new farmers

22. Grass-fed beef products come into their own

22. Fixing the future

22. Ecopolis

23. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Less greenhouse gas – increased farm yields

24. EPA asked to take significant action to protect honeybees

25. TRADE – WTO hearing on COOL wraps up

26. Resume free trade talks with South Korea says pork industry

27. Canada-Morocco free trade negotiations launched