December 2011 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – Supply management under fire again

5. ACROSS BORDERS – Antibiotic use in US animal feeds

5. Hundreds demand San Diego County organic farms stay pesticide-free

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS – Ritz announces Crop Logistics Working Group

6. BC farmers and ranchers upset at on-going farm losses

7. British Columbia strengthens Agricultural Land Commission

7. Alberta watershed stewardship grants

7. UN launches International Year of Co-operatives

8. CIBC and 4-H announce new post-secondary education scholarships

8. Green, cost-saving ideas featured in 2012 EcoCalendar

8. Gluten Free living Workshop

9. CAFA: Canadian Association of Farm Advisors – We are your farm team

10. BEES – The real cost of losing 200 colonies

11. Is ‘ultrafiltered’ honey still honey?

13. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – CFBMC launches annual Excellence Award for agricultural students

13. Farmers’ Edge wins Agri-Trade Ag Innovations Award for third consecutive year

13. Celebrating exceptional women in agriculture

14. Coastal provinces home to Canada’s 2011 Outstanding Young Farmers

14. OYF Calendar

15. ENERGY – Canada needs national energy policy to go truly green

15. Rising demand and declining resources confirms the end of cheap oil

16. ENVIRONMENT – Preserving rangeland ecosystems could become a profitable enterprise

17. EVENTS – Rambo is in town to help launch ESI

18. ‘Food Freedom’ rally at Victoria Legislature

18. Fairs, Exhibitions & Farm Shows

19. First ever Islands Agriculture Show goes Feb. 3 – 4

20. FARM BUSINESS – Canada wins COOL challenge

21. BMO agricultural outlook conference

23. MARKETING – Understanding cattle marketing

24. RESEARCH – A new model for understanding biodiversity

25. The genetics of Santa Claus