April 2011 Index

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3. EDITORIAL – Where does agriculture need to change direction?

4. ACROSS BORDERS – Improving rice tolerance to difficult conditions will aid other crops

5. US farmers to White House: What’s holding up GIPSA?

5. Availability of feed grain

5. Ditch corporate agriculture, says UN report

7. ANNOUNCEMENTS – GMO alfalfa “several years away:, says Monsanto

7. $1.5M boost to ALUS Ontario

7. Pork producers need Korean access NOW

8. IAF puts $920,000 into new projects

9. BEES – UN report decries collapse of bee colonies worldwide

10. Australian beekeepers don’t want Apis cerana either

11. COMPETITIONS & AWARDS – MB Egg Farmer of the Year; ON Finest Meats takes centre stage

12. Regional Outstanding Young Farmers named

13. Honouring Canadian women who excel in agriculture

13. City of Burnaby named first Blue Community in Canada; the Maple Gourmet Road 2011

14. ENVIRONMENT – Mapping human vulnerability to climate change

14. Study links forest health to salmon populations

15. Isaac Meadows – An environmental success story

16. EVENTS – Ag Awareness Day salutes farmers; Calgary Stampede rule changes

17. Fairs, exhibitions and farm shows

18. FARM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT – Financial fitness

19. Minimum wages don’t help the poor

20. FARM SAFETY – A safe farm is a great place to grow

21. Spring livestock trailering tips

22. FOOD – Sustainability emerging as a growing priority for global food industry

22. UN report on food policy advocates return to small scale farming

23. GRAIN – Government action to improve rail service welcomed

24. OPINION – What to do about bad leaders

25. Budget fails to address farmers’ priorities

26. PEOPLE – Reappointments to FPCC, CWB; CFC, KAP new executives; New CEO for Cdn Angus

27. RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Cdn researchers first to generate pluripotent stem cells from horses

27. Grant to Cornell for wheat rust studies; How do plants fight disease?

28. WATER – Water, water everywhere … but we need to be stewards

28. Crops need less water