A Christmas Thank You

We ran this delightful take-off of the famous poem “The Night Before Christmas” last year and loved it so much we are offering it again for your enjoyment. It is written by the wonder woman who heads up the North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo in Barriere, BC, Jill Hayward. There is just no end to her talents! Enjoy!

A Christmas Thank You

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the farm,
The creatures were gathering, no cause for alarm.
They could all speak together and had joined for a chat,
There were cows, pigs and chickens, and even a cat!

They talked of the farmer and how he took care,
To respect all his charges, and provide for them there.
They spoke of the hard work he embraced every day,
To put food on his table and keep them in hay.

They talked about feeding the World from the farm,
And if this should stop, who would raise the alarm?
They worried that crop land was fast being lost,
And wondered if humans understood that great cost?

Then they spoke about children, whose joy they embraced,
And how much they loved being part of 4H!
They thanked all the folks who keep animals well,
And then smiled with contentment as if under a spell.

They knew the fall fair would take place in September,
A great place for families and good times to remember.
They puffed up with pride at rosettes to be won
By four-legged daughters and maybe a son.

Then after the fair it would be back to the farm,
To the care of the farmer, once again safe from harm.
They were all in agreement to do something new,
To say thanks to the farmer, which was long overdue!

So they talked through the night and worked out a plan,
Then settled to wait as a new day began.

When the farmer arrived to care for his stock,
He just stood in the barnyard, amazed and in shock.
For in front of the barn and writ in the snow,
Were words that brought smiles and made him feel all aglow.

The words just said “Thank You”, but most important of all,
They were written in hoof prints, not the usual scrawl.
There were paw prints and chick tracks all mixed up together,
And pig tracks and horse shoes, and even a feather.

Tears came to his eyes, and he thought he might fall,
For this truly was the best Christmas of all!

Merry Christmas to Farmers Everywhere!

Our sentiments exactly. Have a fantastic Holiday Season and may the New Year bring all you could hope for.

Fran Bach & Agri Digest Online

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