A message from the BC Fairs office

We have just received the devastating news that Grand Forks will be canceling their 2015 Fall Fair. It is with the deepest regret that we are informing all of you.

The intensive wildfire situation threaten Grand Forks and Cristina Lake have caused them to be on high alert and possible evacuation. The Grand Forks Fall Fair, which was to be held this weekend, August 28th – 30th, is instead seeing its personnel, with saddened hearts, begin to disassemble their hard work due to the severity of the threat.

BC Fairs extends our our deepest sympathy and offers support in any way we can to Grand Forks at this time. We understand this was a difficult decision but wish safety for you above all!

Thanks to all the staff and volunteers who have worked extremely hard to put together this year’s fair and we share your grief in having to remove it all quickly, in addition to everything else involved. We also extend our gratitude to the vendors, sponsors and anyone else who was a part of this fair. We know you understand the severity of the situation and that it is beyond anyone’s control. Please continue to support the community of Grand Forks in any way you can.

If there are questions or concerns about Grand Forks Fall Fair and it’s current situation please DO NOT contact Grand Forks directly as they are working around the clock and are inundated emotionally and physically.

Instead, please contact the BC FAIRS head office directly at 778.574.4082 or email

For more information on the fire situation in Grand Forks, you can go online to several news sites such as

Thank you for attention to this bulletin and the compassion you extend to our members in Grand Forks at this time.

BC Fairs Staff

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