Make Organic Connections this fall!

Organic Week Event in Regina:
There is something great happening on September 26 during Organic Week at the Saskatchewan Science Centre!

Organic Connections the Conference and Trade Show, volunteers and the Saskatchewan Science Centre have teamed up to create a full day of activities targeted to engage middle years students in understanding where their food comes from during National Organic Week. The program is hands on. Students will learn about plant life, what is living in the soil and why they should care.

Stations will discuss the environment, composting, plant sugar levels, ecosystems, pesticides and residue testing. Other stations discuss bees and their role in our world and the art of sprouts. As labels are the key to personal food choices a presentation will talk about what information is significant and why nutritional values or ingredient lists should inform us to make wise choices in our purchases. Samples of those good food choices for students tasting will make up a favourite station and students will go home with a personal potential plant that they will have personally planted.

Past participants have left with comments attesting to the “more than typical” learning that occurs on a field trip like this one. Check for more details of for information about the Organic Connections Conference and Trade Show Nov. 6th, 7th and 8th at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina.

Farming for the Future – Organic Connections 2014
November 7 – 8, 2014 Conexus Arts Centre, Regina
Pre-event Weeds and Soils Workshop Nov 6

Farming for the Future! What does your future hold? Does it include anything ORGANIC? President Debbie Miller feels that the Organic sector is perfectly positioned to take advantage of a growing list of global, national and regional opportunities. “I’m excited about emerging local and export markets and the growing awareness of consumers when it comes to their food. Today’s families are not only more knowledgeable about the benefits of organic food but they also want to recover that connection with the farm, they want to know where their food came from, how it was grown and handled, and how it got to their table.” The conference program is designed to not only point producers in the direction of those opportunities but to provide tools to take advantage of them now and into the future.

Organic Connections, the biennial Conference and Trade Show for and about the organic industry in the prairies, is experienced at educating, entertaining and “connecting” interested farmers, brokers and businesses. Consumers will find the information about the impact on our food of weed killers like glyphosate brought to us by Dr. Eric Gilles Seralini and Dr. Theirry Vrain. Their discussions of the effects of glyphosate (Roundup) on our health promises to be controversial, thought provoking and informative.

The conference program on Friday and Saturday will feature plenary sessions as well as three concurrent streams focusing on Agronomics, Healthy Lifestyles and The Future of Farming. There is truly something for everyone, whether you want to learn how to manage your weeds, market your crops, or take part in a discussion on what is happening to our global food supply and what trends should we be watching for.

Keynote speakers, recognized “gurus” in science and practice will address the impact of current farming practices and our changing climate. Dr. David Sauchyn will talk about what we can predictably expect in light of his studies on climate cycles. Melinda Carr-Hemmelgarn, the “FOOD Sleuth” and Chef Jerome Duzelet, will address food choices. There will be a strong focus on mentorship, the year of the Family Farm and entrepreneurialship as it impacts farming today.

The largest organic trade show on the prairies also happens in conjunction with the conference. In addition to organic brokers and suppliers, there will be booths featuring consumer products.

Of course, as anyone who has been to an Organic Connections event can attest, fun is an important component. More than anything, the Organic Connections conference and trade show is a celebration of organic food and farmers. We will celebrate the contributions of organic producers in our annual awards and we will recognize and enjoy the work of some home grown poetry and song writing authors and creators from the contest we are running. Please inquire.

We will celebrate the challenges and opportunities that are waiting for us on the horizon. A recognition banquet and related festivities are planned for Friday night. Make plans now to join the fun!

For more information on this event visit the website, or contact the Coordinator, Marion McBride at

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