Movement Aims to Connect Consumers Back to the Farm

With the average consumer now more than three generations removed from the farm, the disconnect surrounding how food is produced has never been greater.

“As each generation becomes a little further removed from the farm or
ranch, the general knowledge and awareness of where our food comes from
continues to slide,” said Sarah Wray, with the International FarmOn
Foundation. “It has never been more critical for farmers to tell the story
of agriculture.”

Everybody should know the hands that feed them. As such, the International FarmOn Foundation has called on young farmers to engage directly with consumers, relaying their own farming stories and reality through the Farm Voices project. On April 22, Earth Day, the organization is inviting farmers and consumers to connect through the power of social media as farmers around the world post a photo and a thought to Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter about their experience as a farmer, attaching the hashtag #FARMVOICES.

“Since we launched Farm Voices in February, the movement has gained
traction around the world, hitting 23 different countries to date,” noted
Wray. “We have come to understand that farmers across the planet,
regardless of country, race or creed, aren’t so different from one another.
All seem to share similar joys when it comes to farming: a love of the
land, of the animals, of the hands-on, hard work it takes to feed the
world. At the same time, many are searching for ways to become more
sustainable and profitable while still producing food of the highest

Utilizing the power of social media means that farmers now have the
opportunity to effectively and powerfully speak for their own industry,
allowing consumers to learn from the people who truly produce their food.
The Farm Voices movement has the potential to connect farmers and consumers like never before, with young farmers mobilized to lead change within the industry while creating awareness and understanding with consumers.

“Farmers are amazing stewards of the land, we take pride in our operations and the handling of our livestock, treating them with the utmost respect and care,” noted Wray. “It’s so important that our customers understand that and are able to not only get a glimpse into our farming reality, but also ask questions to help create understanding.”

For more information about the Farm Voices movement and how you can become involved, visit or follow the link to this video:


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