International Livestock Congress

Beef 2012 – ‘Overcoming challenges from the ground up’, is this year’s version of the International Livestock Congress (ILC) held annually in Calgary, Alberta. Mark your calendar and plan to be at the Deerfoot Inn and Casino on August 15th.

ILC draws on experts from all branches of the beef industry and highlights the complex forces at work in today’s fast-changing industry. International economics, global demand and how Canada is perceived in the world market are only a few of the elements involved in being competitive in a world market.

The Congress will also host international agricultural students to expose them to the future of the livestock industry, issues and opportunities and to network with over 450 industry leaders.

Overseen by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) in partnership with the International Stockmen’s Education Foundation (ISEF), the program is designed with the entire beef value chain in mind. From trade access, to finance, to emerging markets, to leadership, to technology and marketing, science and innovation, regulatory and global demand, ILC 2012 is comprehensive, authoritative and compelling.

Never before has the beef industry imposed such sweeping and complex demands on those who would run a business and earn a living. From producers to processors to exporters and public sector players, today’s industry requires an informed strategic viewpoint. In this market, there are no ready-made answers or instant solutions. What you can do is look, listen, learn and analyze, before making your own plans for success. Hear what you can to impact the image of beef and the beef industry in a positive manner. When it comes to providing valuable, credible perspective, ILC 2012 is your ideal venue. Learn more about the forces shaping the industry. Dig deeper into the world of strategic possibilities. Connect with high-energy speakers and attendees who know your issues and have wisdom to share. ILC 2012 could be the best and most business-changing meeting you attend all year.

Dr. Stan Blade, CEO of Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions, Edmonton, Alberta will act as Master of Ceremonies, with the opening message delivered by CCA President Martin Unrau. Later in the day. you will hear from Glen Hodgson Senior Vice-President and Chief Economist at the Conference Board of Canada in Ottawa, Ontario. his message — Everyone seems on the bandwagon for recovery, however, we need to be careful of how we interpret the numbers. What is strong growth in comparison to typical recovery? It is good news overall, but the growth is not typical rebound. Many structural issues and changes caused by this cycle could take a while to work themselves out.

The impact of the change of marketing of wheat and barley is still evolving. Brant Randles, President of Louis Dreyfus Commodities in Calgary will give us some of the key points that farmers and ranchers should be considering in their marketing decisions for 2013.

Rob Meijer, President of Canada Beef Inc. in Calgary provides a corporate overview, an update on international markets, European Union potential and the Canadian beef market.

Ray Price, President of both the Canadian Meat Council and Sunterra Meats in Acme, Alberta will discuss the priorities in the beef trade and the potential trade agreements which could have a great impact on the Canadian market.

Ryder Lee, Manager of Federal Provincial Relations for the CCA in Ottawa notes that animal care has been receiving an increasing amount of headline and media space. That is a new development but producers using traditional as well as new and ever-improving methods of care is not.

Dr. Mike Siemens, Leader of the Animal Welfare and Husbandry program for Cargill in Wichita, Kansas discusses the public perception of the beef industry in regard to animal welfare issues and what the industry has learned, what present and future issues may have to be faced and the impact it could have on influencing the societal perception of the animal protein supply chain.

Andrew Ramlo, a demographer, urbanist and planning consultant, is Executive Director at Urban Futures Inc. in Vancouver, British Columbia. From production and its labour force to consumption and its consumers, the livestock industry will see significant changes in Canada over the coming years. From the changing faces of Canadian consumers and workers to growth and change in export markets, join Andrew for an insightful ride through Changing People, Changing Places and how it relates to the livestock industry in Canada.

John Oliver of Maple Leaf Bio Concepts in Oshawa, Ontario shows how global drivers of change – oil, food and water – are affecting every person and every organization on earth. John will examine those global pressures and show where Canada’s beef industry will meet challenges and seize new opportunities.

During the day, The Environmental Stewardship Award (TESA) will be presented and the ILC Student Bursaries.

The student program will start Sunday August 12, 2012 with students arriving at the Deerfoot Inn & Casino in time for the ILC Student program orientation session at 6:00 pm, and run till Wednesday night August 15, 2012 with a closing barbeque event at The Ranch Restaurant at Bow Bottom Trail, Calgary.

We think this is a great opportunity for the students to meet the leaders of the industry, hear the issues in the industry and the experts’ perspectives on these issues, meet other students working in the field of agriculture and possibly meet their future employer.

Last year 20 agricultural students from Canada and around world were sponsored to attend the ILC student program. In the past, several program alumni pursued and obtained employment with Alberta’s agricultural industry players.

For more information about the Congress and to register, visit August 15th is not far away. Don’t miss it!

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