G8 Leaders Would be Smart to Invest in Food Security

Per Pinstrup-Anderson, Cornell University professor of food, nutrition and public policy, is the 2001 World Food Prize laureate and an expert on food and global poverty. He comments on the G8 summit this weekend and the hope that leaders can address issues with global food security.

Pinstrup-Anderson says: “The elimination of food insecurity and malnutrition in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa requires joint action by African governments and international development agencies. The participation of African political leaders in the G8 meeting and the strong leadership provided by President Obama provide an opportunity to enter into agreements that prioritize investments in rural infrastructure, agricultural research, market development and primary health and education.

“Inflow of foreign capital is critically important, but the ongoing land grabbing by multinational corporations and foreign countries in many African countries is pushing poor, small land holders off their properties with disastrous food security consequences. International rules are urgently needed to protect the rural poor and their food security in areas subject to land grabbing.”

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