2012 Farm Outlook

Bank of Montreal and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture Examine Challenges and Opportunities for Canadian Farmers

April 25, 2012

With growing global demand for safe, quality, and reliable sources of food showing no signs of slowing, Canada as the world’s fifth largest agriculture exporter is well positioned for growth. The agriculture sector overall accounts for one in eight jobs in Canada and contributes to eight per cent of the country’s total Gross Domes- tic Product. However, the industry faces some challenges – including how to improve productivity, which has weakened compared to the U.S.

The economic outlook for Canadian agriculture and its opportunities and challenges will be featured as experts from Bank of Montreal (BMO) and the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, representing over 200,000 Cana- dian farmers and all agriculture industry associations and provincial associations, are hosting a media panel on Thursday, April 26th. The panel will include David Rinneard, National Manager, Agriculture, BMO Bank of Montreal, Ron Bonnett, President, Canadian Federation of Agriculture, and Ross Purdy, Agriculture Manager, Alberta, BMO Bank of Montreal.

Stay tuned for

 • What is the outlook for the Canadian agriculture and agribusiness into 2012?

• How will the economy and global markets impact Canadian agriculture?

• What are the prospects for improving agricultural productivity?

• Is Canadian agriculture well positioned to growth its share of exports into emerging markets?

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